to Dragonfly Rose Mind, Body, Soul. This is a space that I have created to inspire growth, healing, and change through the healing of the mind, body, and soul. You cannot heal completely in just one area, all areas need to be transformed for lasting health and vitality. I have separated my services into the categories of Mind, Body, and Soul. I will complete my certifications for NLP, Counseling, life coaching, and Mindfulness by June of 2022. In the meantime the pages for Mind and Soul will be where I will post inspirational ideas and thoughts as I travel through my programs.

The Mind:

More often than not we need someone to vent to, to get it all out so it isn’t festering in our minds. A good friend of mine tells me time and again to stop that stinkin’ thinkin’. When we get caught up in the stories we are creating around an event, person, thing, etc. we create a loop of suffering that wears on our minds. This suffering leads to depression, anxiety, and can manifest in our bodies as illnesses and pains.

The Body:

Our bodies is where it all manifests. Tension that builds from stress in your body, that turns to trigger points, that turns to impinged nerves, all causing lack of blood flow and further, and in some cases very serious, problems. I specialize in treatment massage. Finding the source of your injury/ailment and working to restore harmony to your soft tissues through deep tissue manipulations, stretching, and various other healing modalities. In some cases you may need to simply relax, or (in most cases) you may need more intense structural healing. Every massage performed is tailored to the individual. It may take a couple of appointments for me to get to know you and how your body responds and reacts. Some don’t come back because my pressure is too deep. It is vital to have clear communication during sessions so the pressure does not become too much for you to handle.

The Soul:

We are energy, everything is. Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed this begs the question of where have we been? And who are we? Where do we start and end? All energy is unique unto itself. You can have 2 people live the exact same scenarios and turn out completely different. We are all born under different energies that pull and push on us. The energy from the moon pushes and pulls at our oceans so why would be think the cosmos wouldn’t affect us? I am no astrology expert but I do work with your natal chart, divinatory methods (oracle and tarot cards), and connecting with the divine to help you down your path of soul discovery and healing.

The name:

Dragonfly Rose has a deep meaning for me that I want to spread to the world. The dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The rose has many meanings that are deeply powerful and for me it is also a deeply personal flower. The rose holds the energy of protection, boundaries, love, beauty, timelessness, beauty, balance, and passion. I feel that these are deeply powerful ideals to have in our lives to live the best lives we can. This being said I hope that you find peace and healing here and at my physical location in Gardiner, Maine.